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Relaxation Dentistry


Relaxation Dentistry offers Anxiety-free dental procedures as the patient is in a deeply relazed state, though fully responsive.  It means something even more important: a comfortable experience - often with no recollection of the time passed.  We often hear from patients who express their gratitute and delightin their first ever visit to the dentist without fear.

All of the amazing advances in dentistry can't do a thing for you if you don't go to the dentist.  Dr. Miyasaki realizes that there are a lot of legitimate reasons why many people stay away from the dentist.  It's been estimated that almost half of the population has some kind of dental fear, from people who feel a little uncomfortable, to those who are so terrified they can't set foot in a dental office.  Whether it's fear or something else that's  keeping you away, today's dentistry gives Dr. Miyasaki many options for making you comfortable throughout your appointment.  Relaxation dentistry uses medications to relax patients which makes for a totally comfortable dental experience.

Levels of Relaxation

Dr. Miyasaki only wants to relax you enough to have a comfortable experience.  Relaxation techniques deliver excellent results for the vast majority of dental patients.


Proprietary NeuroAcoustic Software layered with soothing music and used with noise cancelling headphones to entrain the brain wave frequency from the anxious Beta State (23 Hz to 38 Hz) to the Alpha State (8Hz to 12 Hz, first stage of sleep).  Dark sunglasses negates visual stimuli and helps maintain relaxation.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a wonderful option for patients as it allows you to be comfortably relaxed through an entire dental visit using just a small pill.