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PPM (Pure Power Mouthguard)

Dr. Miyasaki is a certified Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) dentist.
PPM will improve muscle recruitment and posture

Wearing your PPM will not give you optimal bite, it will enable you to access your body's physical potential.  When your jaw is in its physiological rest position, stored muscular tension will be released immediately, deeper muscle recruitment will be promoted (for explosive strength) and muscle alignment and balance will be improved (for better agility, balance and endurance).

Take your game to a new level with PPM

The PPM can help bring your game to a new level giving you the advantage of improved balance, explosive speed, endurance, total body strength.

Golf -  The improvement in balance and focus will enable you to hit the ball more squarely, and most importantly, more consistently.  Enhanced total body strength for longer shots and more finesse for the later
holes, coupled with laser-like accuracy for your short game will have your scores consistently going down!

Hockey - Hockey is a game of speed, strength, finesse, balance, and accuracy.  The PPM will make you faster, better balanced on your skates, more powerful and capable of harder, more accurate shots.  Just think....more explosive hits with far fewer injuries!  You should see what it will do for your off-season training as well.

Basketball - Vertical leap is KEY.  It establishes quickness, explosiveness and DOMINANCE!  Wearing a PPM increases your vertical leap immediately.  The quickness and explosiveness you will uncover will give you the EDGE to exceed your previous limits!


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